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One correction. the Signature Verification teams are coming in at 10am tomorrow.

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We are done with Signature Verification

We are done at the sorter

We are removing ballots from the envelopes, we are just finishing up the last batches now

We have 1 box of ballots to scan (count) they will probably be done by 4:30pm


8:00 am Ballot pick up will start; post office pick up is scheduled for 8:30am.

9:00 am Sorter will start or when the first batch of ballots come in

9:00 am Signature Verification will start or when the first batch of ballots are ran through the sorter

11:00 am Ballot removal will start

We are not scanning ballots tomorrow. We will scan (count) again on Monday morning starting at 9:00am

The voter service and polling center in our office is open 9:00 am to 3:00 pm tomorrow (Sat 11/5) so the doors will be open starting at 9:00 am. Please check in at the Suite 1100 counter. If you need to get in earlier call or text me at 720-258-5425 or Erin at 303-271-8161.

Carrie Kellogg | Director of Elections
Jefferson County Elections Division
Phone: 303-271-8106

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 Can you please inform the schedule for election judges doing sigver and casting and scanning tonight and this weekend? And whom do I text to get in the door? I don't seem to have your phone number.


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By personal conversation I learned that Jefferson County requires a single copy of the watcher certificate to be signed in person and oath taken by the judge supervisor or staff as appropriate at the first election location. Once signed by the official it is good at other locations and to be carried by the watcher.

Signature verification and envelope opening occur every day from now from the morning. Scanning is very fast and occurs more infrequently at unpredictable times.

Jefferson County post election audit will be conducted at 9AM on either Nov. 22 or 23. The canvass board will meet and the canvass concluded at the end of the audit.


Thank you for providing your watcher documentation and for your in-person visit on Thursday afternoon.   One watcher certificate will be accepted at all locations in Jefferson County for all days of this election.    Please present the Watcher Certificate and a copy of your Certificate of Watchers Training at each location when you arrive. They will give it back to you for use at other locations.

Additional watcher information can be found on our website at:

A list of the Jefferson County Voter Service and Polling Center locations and hours can be found on our website at:

Ballots will be processed daily as they are received.   All Mail Ballot operations take place at our Elections Division office.

Jefferson County Elections Division
 3500 Illinois St, Ste 1100   (Laramie Bldg)
 Golden CO   80401
 All watchers must check in at the reception desk in Suite 1100

Starting October 19th:      Receiving and scanning of ballot packet envelopes, Signature verification and opening of ballot envelopes

Starting October 31st:      Scanning of ballots and resolution/duplication of ballots

Provisional ballot processing will begin the day after the election.

The Post-election audit and Canvass is tentatively planned for Wednesday November 23rd beginning with the Post-Election Audit at 9:00 a.m. and the Canvass to follow.


Carrie Kellogg | Director of Elections
 Jefferson County Elections Division
 Jefferson County Elections Division
 3500 Illinois Street, Suite 1100
 Golden, Colorado 80401
 Main: 303-271-8111 | Fax: 303-271-8197
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