Routt County Watcher Information


When you first sent the e-mail, I forwarded it to the SOS office because I didn’t know whether the Libertarian Party could appoint an unaffiliated voter to watch in all Colorado counties.  I never received an answer so asked again today when I received today’s e-mail.

My responses are in red and follow your questions.

As to your other question, we have opening boards and signature verification boards scheduled every day of the week at 9:00 and 1:00.  Our scanning Board is coming Monday morning at 9:00 but don’t have a set schedule.  They are pretty flexible  and come when there are ballots to scan as they are committed to keeping up with the scanning.

receiving and scanning of ballot packet envelopes  Courthouse 2nd floor

signature verification  Courthouse 2nd floor

opening of ballot envelopes Courthouse 2nd floor

scanning of ballots Courthouse 2nd floor

duplication or adjudication of selected ballots Courthouse 2nd floor

UOCAVA receipt and duplication  Courthouse 2nd floor

processing of provisional ballots Courthouse 2nd floor

timing transfer of ballots from VSPCs and drop boxes if not every day Courthouse 2nd floor

post election audit Courthouse 2nd floor

canvass board meetings, including the

intended certification date and time Courthouse 2nd floor November 17, 2016 5:00 pm
 Kim Bonner
 Routt County Clerk & Recorder

PO Box 773598
 Steamboat Springs CO
 (970) 870-5419

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