Jeffco CORA request for scans and CVRs of voted ballots from 2016 General Election


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Date of Request * Friday, October 28, 2016
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4:55:00 PM
Requestor Name * Harvie Branscomb
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PO Box 2720 Basalt, CO 81621 United States
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Requestor Daytime Phone Number * (970) 963-1369
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To: County Clerk and Recorder or election records custodian: During the 2015 UVS pilot I CORA requested ballot scans and CVRs from you and this is a repeat of the previous request. I hope I will have removed some of the uncertainty in the way I write this request and you will find it more convenient to fulfill the request because of past experience. And thank you for your service to the public in providing fulfillment of the previous request. I will separately CORA request ballot pdfs as I did during the primary, as well as the duplication logs. This is an advance noticed CORA request for electronic copies of all voted, counted 2016 General ballots and related Cast Vote Records. The scanned ballot images should be electronically fulfilled copies in scanned ballot files as produced by the ES&S DS850 and DS200 systems. These files can be zipped together into a .zip file for efficiency but each should be separable back into its original format when unzipped. If redaction is found to be necessary please only modify the specific affected files by adding black so that the redaction is apparent. Please do not change the format or rename the files. I will appreciate a list of redacted files if this can be provided. My request includes all counted mail-ballot format and in-person format ballots and the files that together comprise the associated cast vote records as produced by the ES&S system. The cast vote record is a separate digital non-pictorial record of voter selections on each ballot that is directly machine readable and also what will eventually be used for the risk limiting audit to compare to the marks on the paper ballots. Finally if and only if this request requires cost recovery other than the cost of media, I am asking for a line item accounting of the cost of redaction and any other work that you charge for. I am presenting this CORA request just as the first ballots are returned so that you may fulfill this request efficiently and so that I will be timely informed of any costs that will be charged to me. Please advise as soon as possible the expected time frame for fulfillment including any action I must take prior to fulfillment. I anticipate the stay on fulfillment to end November 28 and that means you will be freed by statute to provide the copies to me at that point, preferably by email if that is feasible, otherwise by ftp to my server (please ask for instructions in return email) or by physical delivery on memory device if volume of data justifies this. My address is PO Box 2720 Basalt CO 81621. If a recount is underway on November 28 the stay is extended and I will expect fulfillment after the recount ends. If upon review of unofficial results a recount is imminent, please if possible advise me by email which contest is potentially subject to recount. Thanks very much for your service to your county and to the citizens of the state and thanks for upgrading your county election technology to one that is far more transparent and accountable than what was available in the past. What you will be able to send will only demonstrate the value of that new system. Thanks very much for assisting me in this transparency project. Please advise if I can make it more efficient. Thank you very much. Overview: scanned image of every counted ballot CVR for each such image list of redacted ballots for purposes of this request fulfillment explanation of charges if any Harvie Branscomb PO Box 2720 Basalt CO 81621
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