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Harvie Branscomb’s effort to obtain evidence from Colorado pilot elections covered by RouteFifty.com:

From the article:

Carbondale-based election integrity activist Harvie Branscomb is asking county clerks to make available voted ballots in eight counties that in last week’s elections performed test runs of four pilot voting systems, systems which “have never before been used in Colorado and in some cases have never before been used anywhere,” as Branscomb put it in a letter to the Colorado Freedom of Information Coalition and shared with Route Fifty. Branscomb wants to retabulate the results produced by the new systems and check them against the ballots and look for anomalies…

Here is the link:

Here is a related story about open records requests in Colorado that introduces  a new report.

Here is the underlying report about Colorado’s lack of facilitation of transparency.

The “Electoral Oversight”  portion is election specific- Colorado gets a “C” but gets full points for an “independent oversight” by the Secretary of State and other high marks I might not have given.  I doubt that an independent (voluntary)  election quality critic like myself was asked to peer review.   It may be interesting to study the details of this section for other states such as your own. The report may be entirely complete about  independent oversight that may or may not be there.

To: Colorado Senate Democrats – urgent for 3rd reading of HB 15-1130

Did the Colorado Senate really vote today for unrestricted internet voting and other unregulated means of electronic return and late mail ballot return of voted ballots for all municipal voters? Yes, the Senate passed HB 15-1130 on second reading without debate.

This while national experts are writing you letters on the riskiness of electronic return of voted ballots.

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